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Stredni Odborna Skola Multimedialni A Propagacni

Stredni odborna skola multimedialni a propagacni – Our School

  We are a Secondary School of Multimedia, Graphic Design and Promotion. This school represents a perfect solution for everyone who wishes to improve his/her skills in painting, graphics, animation, working with video and photography techniques including manual and digital photography, promotion, advertisement and production. Our school unites student’s abilities and creativity in painting graphics,

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Gymnasieskolan Vipan

Gymnasieskolan Vipan – Our School

Gymnasieskolan Vipan is a Vocational High school in Lund, South of Sweden, with 1300 students spread over several vocational programs as: Building and civil engineering program, Business and Administration program, Health and care program, Electricity and Energy program, Child and recreation program, hotel and tourism program, Restaurant and Food program, HVAC and real estate program

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LFS Langenlois

LFS Langenlois – Our School

The Gartenbauschule Langenlois in the town Langenlois is an agricultural school run by the federal government of Lower Austria. It is a school with 200 full time students, 100 apprentices and 70 part time students coming from all over Austria. The students are trained in theoretical and practical work and finally graduate from school as

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CS De Hoven Schans

CS De Hoven Schans – Our School

Schans is a small secondary school in Sleeuwijk, a town in the south of the Netherlands. Our students are between 12 and 17 years old. We have 262 students and 25 teachers.We specialize in practical subjects with lots of activities out of the classroom. Our students choose a set of subjects which are geared towards

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